How to Effectively CRAM for a Test


Have been so busy you forgot to study? Or you just love to procrastinate getting ready for an exam or test? Well, “CRAMMING” wont give you an “A” but it will surely save your lazy self from having an “F”. Log Out your Facebook, Instagram, and Twiiter, and start following the tips below and get ready for a long night.


  1. Make Good asf Notes

Well, when you cram you probably have a minimal time to study, but having good notes will be essential for getting the most out of the night before.

  • You lazy bonzo must find out what you really need to study. Some of the topics your teacher have discussed wont really cover everything on the whole test, so focus on the key topics.
  • Get your lecture notes, (but guess what you don’t have one, because you’re a lazy person, bat ba kasi ang tamad. #Nagsalita) if you don’t have any notes try to get some copies from your classmates. Your class notes are a treasure trove of important knowledge because your teacher covers what he or she thinks is most important. #char
“Everything is a Choice”


 2. Note the Important Concepts

Find the important definitions, concepts and equations as you walk through your notes. (lakaran mo yung notes mo. LOL) If you don’t know them “by heart”, write them down on a seperate piece of paper (post pad, cramming notes). This will help you identify what you need to know.

  • The act of rewriting may help you memorize the content. If you’re a good visual learner then this will definitely help. If you’re a good auditory learner meaning you learn well by hearing, recite the words as you write them down on your cramming notes. (kung wala talaga bes, i hampas mo yung libro mo sa ulo mo. HAHAHA)
  • If you’re a hardworking student now, and you think of your future… consider rewriting your cramming notes several times. It may seem an overkill, but its very useful. #Effort

   3. Study Effectively

Narrow down what will most likely be covered and find ways to best focus on these concepts.

  • Identify key topics. The idea here is not to write down everything, but rather to identify the specific ideas, facts or equations that are likely to be on the test and focus on those topics as much as possible.
  • Look at the beginnings and the ends of a textbook chapters. The first pages will definitely identify the key points and the last pages will summarize the chapter, and highlight key terms.
  • Contemplate possible essay questions and how you would answer them.

 4. Do a Light Run-Through

Soak up all the information you’ve furiously assembled, test yourself,and evaluate quickly how you might have done.

  • Review your cramming notes first. Go through the key topics quickly.
  • Test yourself. if you have some quizzes/assignments from before and is related to the coverage answer them again.
Be Positive, you will pass this Tsunami.

     5. Memorization Strategies

The brain never forgets. Forgetting a piece of information is either the failure to store it properly.

  • Try using a memory device meaning a quick and simple way to remember something.  Like how you remember the sequence of the colors of a rainbow, using ROYGBIV. Make something into an acronym, this will help you on most enumeations type of test.

 6. Pack Up and get some Sleep

Yes, you might not have enough time to sleep, but do try to get as much sleep as possible before your test.

  • A study indicates that loss of sleep erodes memory performance.



  1. Get a light, balanced breakfast at least an hour before the test. #FoodIsLife #TestIsLifer  LOL ( by the way I really found chocolate effective, so grab a Snickers or just Barnuts HAHAHA )
  2. Plan a study session. Study in the car or in the jeep or bus. Its also better to be an interpersonal learner, have a review buddy.
  3. Review all your cramming notes one more time.
  4. Identify a particular piece of info which is most important for the test and which you really need to remember.
  5. Get to the exam early and visit the bathroom. ( Ihi ang ipalabas bes, wag ang learnings. LOL )
” We do not come to thoughts, thoughts come to us”   – My Philosophy Teacher

I hope you find this useful y’all procrastinators, but always remember if you can avoid cramming please do, because its always better to study in advance.